Pulse August / September 2022 | Page 11


The Spa Collaboration on Higher Education

Wellness and self-care have long been the purview of the spa indstry , but anyone who has been paying attention in recent years has seen these concepts become a part of a more wide-ranging conversation in our culture . Recently , much of that conversation has taken place around workplaces and been focused on the ways in which individuals and their employers are reconsidering their relationships to wellness and adjusting priorities related to their physical and mental well-being .

However , the conversation about wellness is also well underway at many colleges and universities , where students and leaders alike are seeking innovative ways to introduce or expand upon wellness services on their campuses . It ’ s in that spirit that ISPA has partnered with CORE Unlimited , a women-owned Collaborative of Recreation Experts ( CORE ) that seeks to enhance and improve the recreation and wellness industry through their work with stakeholders in markets ranging from resort recreation to spa and wellness facilities to — you guessed it — higher education . Together , these groups formed the
ISPA Collaborative for Higher Education ( COHE ) in 2021 . Beginning late last year , the COHE established an initial framework intended to guide the partnership in its opening phases and determine the composition of the group from CORE that would represent the group in their work with ISPA . A variety of institution types are represented at this stage , including large public institutions ( with enrollments greater than 20,000 students ), small to mid-size institutions ( with enrollments smaller than 20,000 ) and a ” unique designation ” institution ( for example , an HBCU , religious , uni-gendered or international school ). The group representing CORE is also composed of university leaders from regions where ISPA and the spa industry are particularly active .
Members from the CORE group got an up-close look at ISPA and the spa industry when they attended the 2022 ISPA Conference in May . Both groups have spent the time since sharing resources and ideas as they develop a common vision for the ways they can bring best practices to wellness initiatives and offerings to university campuses while elevating the visibility of the spa industry and the value of its services for a new generation .
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