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were beneficial to those who participated in them . Employees who utilized wellness benefits reported a 23 percent increase in mental health , 23 percent slept better at night and 17 percent experienced greater levels of physical health . 2 As one could expect , these individual outcomes related to improved employee retention and performance .
In the wake of the pandemic , many organizations significantly improved and expanded upon the wellness programs they offered to employees . As a spa owner or manager , this is a growing trend to attract new talent while preserving existing employee relationships and giving them a safe and happy work environment .
What should an Employee Wellness Program Look Like Going beyond merely covering employees ’ health insurance , some resorts include much more than just the traditional benefits . All-inclusive health encompasses the physical body , spirit , mind and social framework of an individual .
In December of 2020 — right in the midst of the pandemic — the U . S . Census reported approximately 42 percent of people experienced symptoms of depression or anxiety , which was an increase of 11 percent from the prior year . 3 Hence , offering employees a multitude of programs to promote complete wellness — in both a physical and mental capacity — can be incredibly attractive to jobseekers . It boils down to having purpose — not just living and getting by , but thriving .
Having Purpose Cultivates Retention Speaking of thriving , when people feel a sense belonging and purpose , they enjoy life . Creating a work-life balance that incorporates health , wellness and financial stability can lead to higher employee retention . When people feel that their ideas are valuable and listened to by managers and peers , it creates a sense of purpose .
According to the Harvard Business Review , “ employees must bring their whole self to work as organizations try to create a more inclusive and productive work environment . This is fundamentally different than a decade ago , when employees were expected to leave their personal perspectives at the door .” 4
Social and political differences have created more conflicts in work environments , whereas some employees have gone out of their way to avoid fellow co-workers who have differing opinions . As previously mentioned , this impacts engagement , especially if a worker feels as though a manager or their colleagues do not share their views .
Indeed , this can become a slippery slope with today ’ s embattled social landscapes . Spa owners or managers run the risk of losing great employees if the water cooler debates get too personal . Hence , there should be policies in place with zero tolerance of bullying or petty disputes . The goal is to foster a harmonious workplace ; one in which people feel safe and like their emotional and physical needs are met .
Enriching the Employee Experience Keeping your spa open and profitable throughout the pandemic and into this next phase has surely been a significant milestone for your business . It has ridden the highs and lows of the COVID rollercoaster , and now is a time to recognize that there is more to owning a spa than just revenue . To put it another way , focusing solely on the needs of clients has sometimes outweighed the need to attract great employees .
One of the biggest frustrations for every small business during these unnerving times is finding people who want to work and retaining them . However , when a spa owner creates an atmosphere of inclusivity , optimal work-life balance and financially rewarding systems , it can give your spa a reputation of being an outstanding place to work and do business . By being cognizant of individual achievements for the people you hire , any spa leader can put their spa in a wonderful position , no matter what the future brings . n
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