Pulse February / March 2023 | Page 11

INDUSTRY STUDY : Participate by February 17

ON JANUARY 10 , ISPA MEMBERS located in the U . S . received an email invitation from renowned research organization PricewaterhouseCoopers ( PwC ) to participate in the 24th annual ISPA U . S . Spa Industry Study . The window to participate closes February 17 . Conducted under a strict methodology , PwC carries out the study through a persistent pursuit of spas to meet a required threshold criteria of spa types and locations . The study is fully funded year after year by contributions to the ISPA community through auctions and other charitable donations , further enhancing the uniqueness of ISPA as a community-driven organization squarely focused on equipping spa professionals with the data and industry resources they need to run a successful and profitable business .
The ISPA U . S . Spa Industry Study is a year-round project . Members of the ISPA Team participate in weekly calls with devoted representatives from PwC who collaborate on survey and database development . The PwC team aggregates responses and carries out a fine-tuned process that even includes individual outreach to spas to confirm any year-overyear data that appears out of place . No other spa industry organization conducts such thorough research , leading ISPA members to cite its critical research projects as one of the main motivators for membership .
If you are a U . S . -based ISPA member but have not received your email invitation to participate , please visit pwcspaperspectives . com .

ISPA Conference Speakers Unveiled

WHETHER YOU ’ RE STILL LOOKING for reasons to attend the 2023 ISPA Conference or you ’ re curious about what ’ s in store for you in Las Vegas , look no further than the full Knowledge Builder speaker lineup at attendISPA . com . As the only spa industry event that features professional education sessions , the ISPA Conference is well-known for hosting engaging speakers who bring quality insights on relevant topics to all in attendance . While the Expo floor and daily Power Sessions are undeniably inspiring and beneficial for business leaders , Knowledge Builder sessions are where attendees dig deeper into the solutions behind trending challenges in the industry .
Knowledge Builder session speakers and topics will be unveiled at attendISPA . com throughout February and March , so keep your eyes peeled and plan ahead by selecting which sessions are most appealing to your needs as a business owner or operator . Regardless of your level of expertise or your position in the spa industry , there will be education for everyone at the ISPA Conference from May 9 to 11 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas . n