Pulse February / March 2023 | Page 41

ination in my early 50s . So when I was trying to figure out what to do next , my sister suggested I look into skincare , because it ’ s something there ’ s a need for and she felt I ’ d be really good at it . And funny enough , I found that my age benefits me in this career : Some women prefer someone older to explain to them their aging skin issues because they can more easily relate .
LH : I agree , I think there should be many more opportunities in high school , because you don ’ t know about it as a career unless you explore it . For instance , in my esthetics school , two girls graduated from high school with their LPN licenses , and they wanted to do the lasers , so they needed that . They did that part in high school , and then finished in my program .
Pulse : What should people who are considering going into skincare think about ? LH : First , I don ’ t want to discourage high school kids from seeking esthetics as a career . I just feel that for me specifically my age benefited me getting into the industry . Overall , I think it ’ s very important that you enjoy one-on-one contact because you ’ re very involved with your clients , intimately “ in their face .” If you enjoy learning about cosmetics and skin care products , check it out . The opportunities are endless for where you can be an esthetician . You can work at a resort , a day spa or on a cruise ship . Most dermatologists now have an esthetician on staff . There is work with lasers , Botox and fillers . Some estheticians do eyelashes and permanent makeup tattooing .
Pulse : What kind of basic training is required for estheticians ? LH : Specifically , here in Arizona , it ’ s a 600-hour course with a combination of work in classroom and hands-on work followed by a practical exam and the national exam . Requirements vary state-to-state .
Pulse : Where I live , in Massachusetts , some of the local high schools offer career exploration opportunities . They offer cosmetology but there is nothing for massage therapy and esthetics , which I think is a real gap for us in the spa industry .


For Lisa Hart , the spa industry was a career calling that came later in life . The University of Arizona graduate pursued an adventuresome career in both government and the private sector before earning her license as an esthetician . Lisa calls herself the proud mom of two sons —” my gifts from God at my old age ”— as well as “ one crazy mutt ” she rescued at the commencement of the Covid pandemic . Today , she enjoys super long walks with Dozer . “ After three years , I ’ m not sure who rescued who !”
Pulse : One often thinks about skincare clients and esthetics for women . I ’ m curious how many men you see in your practice and how skincare is different for women and men . LH : I ’ d say at the resort three-quarters are women . If men come to me locally , it ’ s because they ’ ve received a gift card . There I have about a dozen teenage boys whose mothers booked their appointments and encouraged them in order to learn how to manage their acne . Initially they ’ re very reluctant , but after one appointment , they are hooked and start coming in regularly . What I love is now their skin is completely different .
At the resort , men come mostly because they want to experience it and we get them hooked , too ! I had one guest who said that this should not be called a facial . He said it should be called a life-altering experience . And then he booked another one the next night . I think our resort has done a really good job of changing the description in the menu books because now they give a more detailed description of the actual experience .
Pulse : That ’ s a wonderful story about seeing the young boys , and likely young girls too , who have a particular problem like acne . I think a lot of people view facials and skincare as a luxury , a “ buff and puff ” kind of experience . LH : In some cases , it ’ s a necessity . If you have acne , you need help . Sometimes it ’ s a simple thing like changing a pillowcase . I share with the mother that if they change
Lisa has two college boys , John Henry and Hugh Hart , and her rescue dog Dozer .