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accelerated form of R & D made up of brilliant freelancers . Utilize these fresh , eager brains to solve challenges in ways you may have never thought possible before . Sometimes , by asking outside talent to solve specific problems , you may find someone who wouldn ’ t have been hired during the traditional recruiting processes . l Build an open learning network for potential hires to share and educate with you on your industry topic .“ Communities like MOOC , EDx , KhanAcademy and Coursera are great , but they ’ re not the only way to educate . Your company can create an open platform , just like TEDx , to share and allow content to be developed by anyone . This can be easily governed and moderated in a way that creates great benefits for retention and acquisition .
Pulse : You believe the greatest connections occur in unexpected ways . For you , Bollywood dancing and
music have served as a connector . How can we recognize our own unique opportunities for connection with others ? D : When I was growing up as a shy , introverted girl , Bollywood dancing was a passion of mine and allowed me to get comfortable being uncomfortable and forge unique connections with others . From then on , Bollywood dancing became part of my life and identity . Now as a keynote speaker , I ’ ve learned our unique differences make us stronger and I love sharing Bollywood dancing with others to spark connection in a new , fun way — and also move beyond our minds to our bodies !
Pulse : What should attendees know before they arrive at the 2023 ISPA Conference in May , where you will deliver a Power Session Keynote address ? D : Get ready to have a blast — connect in new ways — and be ready for some surprises like Bollywood dancing ! n

CONNECTIONAL ABOUT ERICA l Favorite spa treatment ? Deep tissue massage !

l Favorite ice-breaker ? Dancing ! l
Words or phrases you have forbidden from your own emails and texts ? “ Sorry ”… “ just ”…“ maybe .”
l Best “ day off ” activities ? Boat rides , lunch dates and — of course — spa treatments ! l
Technology or gadget you consider essential now but never even considered prior to the Covid pandemic ? Logitech BRIO webcam .
l Most inspiring leader or philosopher ? Gandhi . l
Business failure that turned out to be an ultimate win ? Failing at a tech startup .
l Biggest personal goal for 2023 ? Settling into my new home we just built in St . Petersburg , Florida !