Pulse January 2023 | Page 42

Insights to recruit , engage and retain massage therapists

Throughout 2023 , Pulse will feature interviews with experienced practitioners whose insights about spa specialties will help facility leaders to recruit , engage , and retain staff members .
STAFF RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION are perennial headaches for spa owners and directors . Spas have the typical hurdle of most service industries — work hours that fall outside of 9 to 5 , Monday through Friday — as well as sometimes intense physical demands on practitioners . Anyone observing the industry for more than a few years knows an additional obstacle is tied to spa culture : the itinerant nature of spa specialists , who tend to move frequently not only locally between spas , but even across the country or around the world . Adding to the staffing challenge for employers are the unique requirements of the spa world ’ s many specialist positions . Each role has its own training and certifications and position responsibilities . And career trajectories vary widely , meaning it could be a big benefit to understand how staffers in different positions may evolve professionally .
Recently , former ISPA Board member Kristine Huffman spoke with Karen Rutschmann , who shared wisdom about massage therapists gained from a lifetime in the field .