Pulse March / April 2016 | Page 17

MINTEL RESEARCH: One in Five Women Use a Cleansing Brush Skin-Care Device esearch by Mintel estimates that one in five women use a cleansing brush skin-care device as part of their daily beauty routine. The report, entitled Beauty Devices – U.S. , states that convenience and the promise of professional results are two key factors that drive women to purchase skin-care devices. “There is disparity in the beauty devices market, with sales of skin-care devices gaining momentum, while growth in the hair appliance market is stagnant. The promise of professional results at home is helping to drive sales of skin-care devices,” says Shannon Romanowski, Mintel senior beauty & personal care analyst. Sonic cleansing brushes generate the highest usage among listed devices in the U.S., with 20 percent of respondents stating that they use the device. Women are most likely to associate cleansing (44 percent) and exfoliating (55 percent) benefits with skin-care devices. In terms of demographic, the highest users of skin-care R devices tend to be young, from 18 to 24 years of age. Household income is a significant category driver, with those in the US$75,000 groups reporting above-average usage of skin-care devices. Despite a much younger user demographic, there is strong interest in the skin-care device category across age groups in women. In fact, respondents from 18 to 54 years of age report similar interest to test and purchase devices. Price is the top barrier preventing them from doing so. When asked what motivated them to purchase new devices, cleansing brush users say they are motivated to purchase by a variety of factors, including special offers (28 percent), reviews (28 percent) and family/friend recommendations (26 percent). When carrying skin-care brush devices for retail in your spa, consider clearly communicating benefits that matter most to female guests like “exfoliating” and “cleansing” as well as providing discounts and referral rates to help market the devices and drive retail revenue. March/April 2016 ■ PULSE 15