Pulse March / April 2016 | Page 20

MEMBER PROFILE MIKKI MELINDA ANDERSON VP, Director of Holistic Services • StressBusters Wellness Day Spa • Laguna Hills, California “Spas that are now offering risky prenatal positioning [must] be made aware of the risks a prenatal guest is exposed to, and show safe and effective alternative positions for the good of all involved.” Intrauterine Pressure According to Anderson, the most valid reason why prone-facing position should be avoided is because it can increase intrauterine pressure even before the therapist increases pressure by massaging. There are many expert insights that support this known risk, including Leslie Stager, registered nurse, leading pregnancy therapy massage educator and author of Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy. “Such pressure strains the posterior spine and pelvis, increases sinus pressure (being pregnant already causes excess mucous production), contributes to neck and hip misalignment and has the potential to stimulate the uterine contractions, potentially threatening the pregnancy,” Anderson says. Safety First When it comes to pregnancy massage treatment, safety of the expectant guest should come first. One way the spa, an associate member of the Green Spa Network, makes guest safety a priority is through its commitment to the use of organic and/or plant-based cleaning products devoid of toxins. More importantly, StressBusters Day 18 PULSE ■ March/April 2016