Pulse March / April 2016 | Page 41

Bio Natural Inc dba BioRepublic Skincare Atlanta, Georgia D M espite being a business that is still very much in its infancy (it is just a year and a half old), BioRepublic is already creating a major name for itself within skin care and philanthropy. Founders Paolo Montonelli and Justin Hong wanted to show their commitment to sustainability and to women’s issues from the moment they launched the business with their first line of eco-friendly sheetmasks in October 2014. A partnership with their local Atlanta-based chapter of Dress for Success was just the kind of philanthropic partnership they were looking for, and according to Montonelli, it is a partnership that “gives back to our community in a way that makes sense, given the nature of our business and products. After meeting with the director of our local Dress for Success chapter to understand their approach to empowering women, we knew we had found the right partner.” Dress for Success is a worldwide nonprofit organization that empowers women in the workplace by selling gently-used women’s business attire, providing a professional support network and career development tools. The organization has helped over 850,000 women in 20 countries by providing them with skills, counseling and clothing, helping them to re-enter the business world or take their first steps on the ladder. Montonelli believes that many more businesses can and should embrace the social issues that are important to their employees and customers. “There are so many opportunities to get involved, especially at the local level,” he says. “We donate free facial masks for every purchase in our online shop. We also support Dress for Success by donating product for their fundraisers. As of now, we are only working with their Atlanta chapter; however, we hope to expand the partnership to other regions in the near future.” BioRepublic’s approach to philanthropy is a crucial part of its business plan, and proves beyond doubt that a business does not have to be mature or long-established to make giving back a major part of its work. TOP TIP: “Find an outstanding partner, one that complements your business and could use your help. Despite the amazing work Dress for Success does, we find that a lot of people still don’t know what they do. We want to build long-term success for them and for us.” March/April 2016