Pulse March / April 2016 | Page 55

“When we started the company, we noticed a pattern emerged—the best oils almost always seemed to come from small farms.” pharmacists—in addition to using university and hospital research for testing the efficacy of each product,” says Leber. James, on the other hand, recommends finding a resource partner willing to understand the wellness outcomes a spa wants to focus on and build an aromatherapy program based on it. “It is always good to have a clearly defined concept or benefit to be able to offer guests, and to be able to offer retail components that can help the guests extend the benefits of their spa visit once they get home,” he suggests. “Scent and aromatherapy are so evocative, and we are able to help spas develop whole lines of custom-created blends that will tell the story of, or capture the essence of, their particular property. This may be based on botanical, cultural, geographical or historical themes—whatever the case, guests love to associate a scent with a story.” NICK JAMES • Founder/CEO Body Bliss • Sedona, Arizona Train to Connect Training is another important component when integrating aromatherapy into spas. “We personally like to visit our partners and train them on our philosophy of wellbeing and our dedication to using non toxic and insect-repellent ingredients for their guests to use to feel well and enjoy the outdoors,” Fensterstock says. It’s equally important that therapists are trained properly and understand the historical background and powerful benefits of each ingredient used in order to help them appreciate the power of essential oils. “We aim to establish a connection between therapists who are using the oils, and the places where the oils are framed and distilled. Then we ignite the passion therapists have for aromatherapy by raising their awareness of the healing potential in the oils.” To help them do this, Body Bliss offers an app that allows both consumers and spa therapists to learn more about essential oil blends. “Because custom-blending can require an incredibly deep knowledge, combined with many hours of practical experience, we developed the Intentional Aromatherapy app,” James says. “The app has the flexibility to allow you to create blends that address issues at the level of body, mind and emotion, as well as a guide for free blending, custom blending for gift-giving and creating blends that match your numerology.” n “We work really hard to educate people on the benefits of using therapeutic-grade blends and how to incorporate them into their busy lives.” — GERALDINE HOWARD • President • Aromatherapy Associates • Frisco, Texas March/April 2016 ■ PULSE 53