Pulse March / April 2016 | Page 8

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! @ISpaDoYou LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! International SPA Association I AM WOMAN. HEAR ME ROAR.* Watch me defy the odds as I stand up faster with each painful fall, like a Paralympic ski athlete with imaginary wings that soar from the top of rolling and snow-capped mountains (read Conversations on page 26). MARION PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO I AM WOMAN. HEAR ME ROAR. Let me scream my femininity in subtle ways, through generosity and compassion to support selfless endeavors that are “For the Good of Women” (read on page 33). I AM WOMAN. HEAR ME ROAR. Be touched by my nurturing spirit, as evident by my deep commitment to “Heed the Call of Mother Nature” (read on page 54). I AM WOMAN. HEAR ME ROAR. See me carve my own path as I refuse to be defined solely by my DNA and work hard like a mad and brilliant genius at the path I chose to excel (read Ask the Expert on page 62). Yes, the world is full of them—women who are unafraid to lead, courageous in the face of adversity and generous with a nurturing spirit. In my life, there’s no better example of a courageous spirit than my mother who, until her last breath, taught me the meaning of true grit as she battled cancer with grace and hope with every ounce of her strength. This Pulse issue celebrates every inspiring women who may have mentored you, taught you, challenged you and showed you your full potential. So next time you see a woman leader, step aside. She is woman. She will roar. * From the song “I am Woman” by Helen Reddy —MAE MAÑACAP-JOHNSON, EDITOR @ISPAPULSEEDITOR “... there’s no better example of a couragous spirit than my mother who, until her last breath, taught me the meaning of true grit...” To Lori: Your Light Shines On T he spa world has earned another warrior in heaven. The passing of spa veteran and former ISPA board member Lori Hutchison weighs heavy on so many people’s heart, especially among those once touched by her light. I was lucky enough to be among them. With fondness I recall how she, ever bubbly and kind, touched me by the generosity of her spirit. To Lori, you will be dearly missed. Go gentle into the good night. 6 PULSE ■ March/April 2016