Pulse May 2017 | Page 33

“Employers can improve productivity and employee retention through a strong office culture.” 4. Develop Company Values and Standards Once a positive management style has been implemented, ensure the team is invested in the success of the organization by establishing a set of core values and standards. At TallGrass, Rackliff’s team abides by a set of 10 core value statements that define their culture, brand and business strategies. These core values impact everything—from how staff interacts with guests to serving as the foundation for decision-making. Developing core values will show existing team members the positive culture you are working toward as a team. It will also make it easier to find new members who will easily fit in with your company’s work culture. 5. Create a Fun Workplace According to data from the Journal of Vocational Behavior study (see page 17), a fun work environment is vital for learning and innovation in the workplace. Creating a positive work environment also means allowing employees to have fun and enjoy spending time with their team. Conte says of his team: “Quite simply, they do not want to dread coming to work.” Rackliff suggests organizing events that allow team members to give back to their community. She says “the heartfelt and bonding impact of working together on a philanthropic project is irreplaceable and brings new light to any group.” Conte agrees that fun is imperative and recommends planning a staff outing and decorating the staff space for holidays. Managers can also hold contests that play into guest satisfaction. For instance, if a staff member receives positive accolades on TripAdvisor or Yelp, they receive a free lunch or mini treatment. 6. Bringing it All Together Williams says that, in his experience, employees want a company culture centered around a commitment to excellence, strong leadership and peer-to-peer congruence. Organizations that focus on developing these areas will foster environments where strong teams are built and individuals are able to flourish. As Conte says, “There is a popular saying in hospitality that if you take great care of your employees, they will take care of your guests—and that is absolutely true!” n F E AT U R E D S O U R C E S BRYAN K. WILLIAMS Chief Service Officer BW Leadership Academy/BWTV Online Learning BOWIE, MARYLAND CATHERINE WARREN Spa and Leisure Director Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa PALM BEACH, FLORIDA MELISSA RACKLIFF MICHAEL CONTE WENDY ROSE Spa Director TallGrass Aveda Spa & Salon Director of Spa and Wellness The Spa at Meadowood Napa Valley Spa Director The Spa at Saddlebrook Resort EVERGREEN, COLORADO WESLEY CHAPEL, FLORIDA ST. HELENA, CALIFORNIA May 2017 ■ PULSE 31