Pulse May 2017 | Page 74

“You say goodbye, and I say hello. Hello hello!” — THE BEATLES The classic Beatles song comes to mind as I say a heartfelt, “goodbye, we Mañacap-Johnson and Public Relations Manager Allie Hembree Martin. Both these special women gave so much to ISPA and their positive attitudes, creative minds, and endless spunk will be missed. Saying goodbye to treasured colleagues you spend a good portion of every day with for years is never easy. We reminisce about the many talented and exceptional folks that we have been blessed to work alongside over the years. So many great times! But as we do prepare to say goodbye to staff members, whether they’re leaving for new jobs or moving for new adventures, we must think positively and look to the future possibilities. Among the possibilities can mean filling the vacancy with innovation, new ideas, and new blood, eager to spice things up. One important thing to remember when filling such a large void: take your time. It took over eight months to find Kelly, Pulse’s new editor, and we are still searching for the new Allie. A key hire is an investment and, like most investments, takes time to find. You’re not just hiring a person who checks off the boxes on a job description, but the person who will integrate with your team and believes wholeheartedly in the direction your company is going. Of course, we all hope for less “goodbye’s” and more “hello’s,” but one thing we know for sure is that change is inevitable. What must remain constant is your desire to create a work culture that allows our employees to thrive, remain engaged, and feel a consistent sense of support from both you and the rest of the team. That way, when those sweet gems do leave the nest, you’ll know you’ve prepared them for the adventures ahead. Good luck Mae and Allie—and thank you for the many happy memories! —LYNNE McNEES, ISPA PRESIDENT 72 PULSE ■ May 2017 will miss you dearly” to two of ISPA’s sweet gems: Pulse Senior Editor Mae