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Sound Therapy ’ s Growing Role in Spa

SPAS HAVE LONG CREATED MULTI-SENSORY experiences intended to relax and rejuvenate the guests who walk through their doors . Spa décor and lighting typically offer calming visuals . Massage and other services connect guests to their bodies through the power of touch . Aromatherapy uses scent to soothe the mind . Sound , too , can be a crucial component of a good spa visit . In some cases , sound plays its role entirely in the background in the form of the soft , slow music we ’ ve come to stereotypically associate with relaxation lounges and treatment rooms .
Increasingly though , sound is stepping out of the shadows to play a more central role in spa services . From ancient tools such as singing bowls to new technologies such as vibrational sound beds , ISPA members are utilizing a range of aural elements to unlock the effects of sound for guests . To learn more about the ways in which spas are integrating sound , Pulse spoke with three leaders who have found success with those efforts .
Sagestone Spa first introduced dedicated sound therapy services in 2017 .
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