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Dr . Bryan K . WILLIAMS


THIS SESSION WILL REVIEW the mindset and behaviors necessary to effectively address both professional and personal barriers . Special emphasis will be on 10 proven tips to take control of your efforts and transcend any obstacles in your path .
Pulse : You talk about personal barriers and professional barriers . Are the same behavior changes needed to overcome both types ? Dr . Bryan K . Williams : Absolutely ! One of the keys to addressing and overcoming barriers is to understand the importance of prioritizing yourself . For those of us in the service industry , it may seem like an oxymoron to serve oneself , but that is exactly what self-care is meant to do . As you become more proficient , respected and accomplished in your professional ( and personal ) roles , people will ask for more and expect more . More of your energy . More of your time . More of your advice . More . More . More .
Without putting up healthy barriers , you WILL feel pulled in 1,000 directions , which leads to burnout . A former colleague once told me no one is going to be an advocate for my schedule more than me . He told me that when I was in my 20s , and I didn ’ t believe him . Now , I ’ m in my 40s and thoroughly appreciate his sage advice . Proactively carve time out for yourself , and establish healthy barriers SO THAT you can serve others with your whole heart .
team , which then affects team morale , which then affects your spa ’ s success .
Pulse : What can spa leaders do right now to start becoming “ mountain climbers ” and take control of their futures ?
BKW : They ’ ll get the full scoop at my Knowledge Builder Session ! Seriously though , one thing all spa leaders can do right now is to lead in such a way today that their teams would rehire them tomorrow . Who are you mentoring ? Who are you developing ? Who are you challenging ? Who are you investing in ? All of those questions will help you build a culture of mountain climbers who don ’ t shy away from struggles but run toward them and conquer them .
Pulse : You have been a mainstay in the spa industry and an ISPA Conference favorite . Do you have any surprises for us in your Knowledge Builder Session this year ? BKW : This will be my 16th year speaking at ISPA , and I definitely have some things in mind to show my gratitude for everyone who has shown love and supported me over the years . Let the countdown begin ! n
Pulse : What elements of positivity and teamwork are needed to overcome stresses in a service industry ? BKW : Gratitude is the key word here . Introspectively and overtly expressing gratitude is good for your soul . When you think of where you are versus where you want to be , it can either be depressing or motivating . However , when you assess where you are versus where you were , gratitude should wash over you . Positivity organically flows from a river of gratitude . Daily gratitude journals are great for that ! And then that spirit of gratitude affects your
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