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Through programs like that , we can educate students on the wide variety of career opportunities within spa and wellness . David Frock : The collaborative between higher education and the spa and wellness industry has the capacity to reach students as consumers ; that drives future purchasing decisions , lifestyle choices and brand loyalty developed in individuals with future purchasing power . Another connection is an opportunity to develop future industry leaders with coursework , practical experiences and professional development . Recruitment of potential spa and wellbeing professionals is another opportunity for students to be connected with the industry .
Pulse : How does CoHE help schools build or expand wellness education programs ? DF : The potential for the construction and expansion of wellness education programming within higher
education and secondary school career programming is limitless . Similar developmental programs in similar industries exist and are thriving . CoHE adds tremendous opportunity for future training programs to align with the current and future needs of the industry to maximize the successful preparation of future industry staff as well as providing early access to services and experiences . ML : CoHE has the ability to connect colleges and universities to ISPA , as a best-in-class resource and leader in understanding and establishing industry trends and human behavior around wellbeing . With the growing and critical importance of wellbeing tied to student learning , belonging and persistence , intentional efforts are being made to grow resources , initiatives and spaces focused on wellbeing on college campuses throughout the country . The collaborative can share expertise and creativity to drive innovation and business development opportunities . n

Introducing CoHE

THE ISPA COLLABORATIVE ON HIGHER EDUCATION ( CoHE )— created and coordinated through CORE Unlimited — is an elite group of industry leading experts in university wellness from throughout North America . CoHE members provide expertise and insight in industry trends , serving as educators and ambassadors for ISPA and the spa and wellness communities as a whole while driving innovation and best practices for the industry .
CoHE works to create allies in brand management and growth . Its members serve as a resource for program development and marketing and membership initiatives , and advise on business development opportunities and overcoming potential barriers .

Collaborative on Higher Education ( CoHE ) Members

TAMARA JARRETT Project Developer & Lead President and Co-Founder , CORE Unlimited
AARONS Teaching Specialist in Hospitality , Tourism & Event Management , Stockton University
DAVE FROCK Executive Director Campus Recreation , Clemson University
AARON HOBSON Director , Recreation & Well-Being , U . of Wisconsin Madison
MELISSA LONGINO Assistant Vice-President for Health and Well-Being , University of Dayton
DR . MARY WISNOM Associate Professor , Cedar Fair Resort & Attraction Management , Bowling Green State University
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