Pulse May / June 2023 | Page 54

networking and communicating . I loved the fact I was still able to be in contact with my close-knit Southern California spa community . I was going in and seeing people I ’ d known for a long time . I ’ d see the stress on their face . I loved being that rep that says , “ Have you had breakfast today ? Have you eaten anything ? Let me grab you a Starbucks .” I think people thought I was kind of crazy , but I was excited about sunscreen ! My attitude was , Yes , I ’ m selling you a product , but this is a partnership , and how can I help you keep your head above water ? And what can I do to make it easier for you to move the product and sell the brand ?
Pulse : I think that whole world of retail is a challenge for a lot of managers because spa managers and operators may not know how to move product .

“ I found that requirements for leadership roles focus on esthetics and massage . A lot of times , the HR director has said , ‘ I ' m so sorry , I didn ' t even think about a nail technician as someone who could fit in this role .’”

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