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Insights to recruit , engage and retain spa industry professionals
KM : There is a lot of new talent coming into the industry . And in someone ’ s first job as a manager , a rep dropping in to check on them might seem like a hassle , when it shouldn ’ t be . They don ’ t necessarily look at their vendors and their reps as partners . To maximize sales , it ’ s very important to be able to get a training on the schedule . But it is not only education . You ’ re also giving gratis to the providers for them to try at home , you ’ re doing events , you ’ re doing raffles , giving incentives . If they couldn ’ t schedule all the staff for a class together , I did demos in their retail space and when they had time in between clients , I would educate them on the latest product . It was nice for them to feel appreciated .
Pulse : After spending some time on the vendor side , you transitioned back into operations . KM : Sometimes you have to take a step back and think about what is going to be better for you mentor-wise and where you want to see yourself continue to grow . When I left the West Coast , I wanted to work at the Hershey and when the opportunity was available , I felt like it was something I just needed to do . I believe if you ’ re a service provider , you need to continue to renew your license . It always gives you options . A lot of people decide , I ’ m going to go to college , or I ’ ve got a job doing something out of the industry , so I don ’ t need my license anymore . But keeping my license current allowed me to easily go back into operations .
Pulse : If you were asked to participate in a career fair at a high school , what would you say about a career in the spa industry ? KM : I always like to tell people my story starting off as a nail technician , and then growing into leadership and the vendor side . I describe all the different avenues that you can go down . My schooling was three months for me to complete . I didn ’ t have to go into a significant student loan debt to get a license and start building a career . A lot of people don ’ t realize this is an option . It ’ s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it . n
RHODE ISLAND NATIVE KERRI MIGNEAULT has crisscrossed the United States in spa industry roles . Her first stop was San Diego , where she started as a nail technician with AAG at The San Diego Bayfront Hilton in 2008 . Kerri grew her role to become part of the leadership team before continuing her career with Starwood , COOLA , LEC , Colorescience , Hershey and Kalahari , and is currently vice president of Midwest hotel and hospitality sales for Monarch Cypress . Kerri has a degree in Visual Arts with an emphasis in photography from Academy of Arts University . Back on the East Coast currently , she and her husband , Travis , and son , Ben , live in the Poconos of Pennsylvania , where her free time is filled with outdoor activities , sports , traveling and quality time with her family . Kerri maintains manicuring licenses in Rhode Island , California , and Pennsylvania .
KRISTINE HUFFMAN LICSW , formerly a partner with Hutchinson Consulting , is a semi-retired hospitality consultant and former ISPA Board member . She brings more than 30 years of experience in hospitality and human services , including providing leadership , psychotherapeutic services , staff training , program development and brand direction for the award-winning Canyon Ranch , Miraval and Travaasa Resorts .
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