Pulse November/December 2021 | Page 23

A SPOTLIGHT ON PHILANTHROPY BY JOSH CORMAN ue to the incredible financial impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on individuals and businesses in 2020 , it would have been reasonable to expect charitable donations to decline . In reality , however , donations rose more than five percent in the United States , increasing from $ 448 billion in 2019 to $ 471 billion the following year .

Many , many ISPA members were a part of that increase in giving , and it ’ s clear from their efforts in 2021 that the industry ’ s passion for the well-being of others extends to its generosity toward those in need . ISPA was thrilled to honor a number of those members ’ 2020 contributions with ISPA Innovate Awards earlier this year , and every application was a reason to celebrate . But , truth be told , we don ’ t really need a special reason to put a spotlight on the giving nature of ISPA ’ s members , especially after a 2021 that was just as filled with uncertainty and need as 2020 was .
The seven spa and resource partner members highlighted here are just a tiny fraction of those who have contributed to valued causes this year in ways both big and small . ISPA is proud to represent an industry that has repeatedly shown itself to be filled with a giving spirit . Thank you for all you do to make the world a little brighter !

Spa Gregorie ’ s

IT ’ S A RELIEF TO LEARN THAT SPA GREGORIE ’ S TURKEY TOSS does not , in fact , involve hurling poultry through the air , but is instead a cornhole competition that provides more than 60 turkeys to needy families during the holidays . The event , which Spa Gregorie ’ s Owner Angela Cortright says “ was a blast and will be repeated ,” was held in conjunction with Bracken ’ s Kitchen , an Orange County nonprofit that plans to serve two million meals to those in underserved communities before year ’ s end through partnerships with other Southern California non-profits .
The event , like many others Spa Gregorie ’ s participated in this year , was held virtually due to pandemic-related restrictions on gatherings in California , but that didn ’ t slow down the spa ’ s giving .“ We did more virtual things … since we couldn ’ t be present at as many events as we usually are ,” Cortright says . In addition to donating gift certificates and gift baskets for several silent auctions benefitting various charities , the spa raised $ 2,000 at a Ladies Night Out event to combat human trafficking , contributed four carloads of clothes and accessories to a clothing drive benefitting men and women re-entering the workforce .