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the organization ,” she says .“ Eighty-five percent of HR professionals agree that workplace cultural fit is an integral part of their hiring strategy and 95 % agree that it is important to choose a candidate who shares the company ’ s values .”
For the spa industry , a dearth of qualified candidates in many areas may bring the old adage “ beggars can ’ t be choosers ” to mind , but there are ways to increase the likelihood of a good fit without enlarging the available talent pool .“ One way that companies can recruit candidates who will fit the organizational culture is to advertise their values in job ads ,” Basel says . Because employees place such value on that fit , it ’ s wise to leave no doubt as to the kind of employee most likely to flourish in your spa or business ’ s existing culture .
Of course , that last sentence is only true if the culture you ’ ve built is clearly defined . But even if your organization ’ s culture is still a work in progress , being honest about that during the hiring process ( and emphasizing to your strongest candidates that they can be a part of building a better culture ) can be an early way to establish that transparency of communication that so many workers find so important .
If developing a stellar workplace culture were easy , then everyone would do it . Even spa industry businesses that had a strong culture prior to the pandemic may have seen things change over these last 18 or so months . SHRM ’ s research indicates that nearly two-thirds ( 62 percent ) of HR professionals agree that maintaining workplace culture has been more difficult during the pandemic . Nevertheless , its importance cannot be doubted , and those who want to minimize employee turnover and other staffing challenges should do everything in their power to improve it wherever they can . n

Has your workplace culture improved during the pandemic ?

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