Pulse November/December 2021 | Page 66

Beautiful Fall in Kentucky — views from a morning driveway walk and a recent hike with my cute husband and grown up nephew !
I LOVE THE CHANGING OF THE SEASONS . Watching wildflowers and lavender and everything green burst into bloom as spring turns to summer is a spectacular sight here in Kentucky , but there ’ s just something about the falling leaves and cooling temperatures of the fall season . Fall is a magical time , and though I realize it isn ’ t fall in all of the countries where ISPA ’ s treasured members reside , it ’ s in full swing here , so please allow me to opine .
To me , fall is cleansing — something about it makes me feel nurtured and safe . It ’ s time to put mums on the front steps , plant bulbs , take chilly morning walks , relax around fire pits and create yummy soups from all the summer ingredients we carefully prepped and froze . Another fall tradition has come full circle in an interesting way recently . Years ago , I would send brightly colored leaves found on my morning walks to our two sweet little nephews in Tucson , Arizona , because they didn ’ t have the opportunity to see the beauty in person , and we wanted to share a bit of Kentucky with them . Fast forward a little more than a decade , and one of those sweet boys has moved across the country to start his adult ( gulp !) life here in the Bluegrass State , where he gets to finally see the colors in person . It ’ s been a fun adventure , and we have loved every minute of having him so close . Of course , the annual ISPA Conference is usually a part of our fall traditions too , and now that Conference will be held in May going forward , this year is going to feel different . The ISPA team is usually busy planning ( and then wrapping up ) the annual ISPA Conference around this time each year . Instead , we ’ ll be home with friends and family , thoroughly embracing the season .
We will miss seeing our ISPA family once again this fall , and we wish we could send each of you a brightly colored leaf to let you know we ’ re thinking of you . May will be here before we know it , and we are over the moon to start a new tradition of celebrating each spring season with our ISPA family . n