Pulse November / December 2022 | Page 55

Fitting Mountains in the Spa

Telling the story behind the early-2000s design of the spa , Spa Director Kimberly Jenkins reflects ,“ The space was designed to evoke the feeling of a rustic mountain lodge , tucked away at the base of the Teton Mountains . Stone floors and accents are meant to invite in these primal elements of the earth , giving a very grounded feeling to those walking around .”

Ensuring the unique and unparalleled features of the region make it inside the spa is something that evokes the most passionate responses from guests , who are most thrilled with the hydrotherapy elements in the spa facilities . “ We provide both hot and cold therapy options to mimic the effects of the hot springs you would find within the geothermal features of the area ,” says Jenkins . “ Our cold plunge pool is especially popular after warming the muscles . This pool is at a temperature of roughly 65 degrees to jump start the immune and recovery responses of the body .”

BY THE NUMBERS Retail space size : 11,600 square feet Year the spa was built : 2005 Scheduled spa renovation : 2023

Full Sensory Experience

Jenkins is intentional about making guests ’ retail experience as hands-on and interactive as the abundant scenery and wildlife of the renowned area , describing the spa as a critical access point to both outdoor amenities and fitness on the property : “ We are a central hub of wellness activity in the resort . We do not place items behind glass — we ensure our guests can touch and smell the items they desire . Items are selected that are unique to the area , often from local artisans or small businesses . Retail is a strong component of the spa experience . Whether it is a piece of jewelry that catches a guest ’ s eye or a recommended skincare product , it ’ s how we choose to send the spa day home with them . It ’ s how we help them remember it and how we lead them to reflect on how it made them feel . Keeping this in mind , our team hand-selects and , in some cases , designs the retail we stock . Our mission is to stand behind the treatments , products and stories that inspire us to create a lasting story for our guests in turn .” n