Pulse September 2015 | Page 51

isual merchandising is what tempts the bored customer, waiting for an appointment, to browse the products on display in your reception area. It is what entices passers-by to enter your store. Attracting customer interest and converting that interest to purchasing activity will result in the sound of ringing cash registers and, ultimately, profits. At its highest level, visual merchandising appeals to the senses in order to elicit an emotional response ideally followed by a purchase decision. Sight, sound, touch, smell and even taste can be influenced through the use of lighting, display techniques, ambience choices (music and scent), and even the provision of refreshing beverages at the reception area. “Give prominence to your newest products and keep your high-margin products at eye level in well-lit positions.” Spa Retail Space Layout Your spa retail space should be well-lit and easy to navigate. Make deliberate choices regarding your layout so that it fits with the available space and desired customer behavior. Use a sketch of your floor plan to explore and “feel” options prior to setting up. Draw your ideal display cabinets and mannequins, then “walk” your fingers through the floor plan—sometimes just by tracing along the sketch of the plan, you will be able to visualize opportunities for improvement. Once you have set up the actual layout, practice the walk-through yourself to confirm that goods are visible, displays are uncluttered and attractive, and that the flow itself is easy to navigate. September 2015 ■ PULSE 49