Pulse September 2015 | Page 65

FIRST O F 2015 ISPA CONFERENCE & EXPO PARTS HIGH PROFILE: SPOTLIGHT ON SPEAKERS W BY JENNIFER DUCKWORTH ith a month away from the 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo, let’s turn the spotlight on to this year’s Professional Development Session (PDS) speakers. Which mobile app are they using to help increase their productivity or build their professional brand? Which book would they recommend as an additional business resource? Read some of their insights and get up close and personal with this year’s expert speakers. BEST PIECE OF ADVICE GIVEN TO YOU: FAVORITE MOBILE APP: MUST-READ BOOK RECOMMENDATION: LOOKING FORWARD TO SHARE WITH ISPA CONFERENCE ATTENDEES: Darlene Fiske Tom Shay Marni Beninger Jeff Wielgopolan Merit Gest Public Relations and the Art of Vintage Networking Learning to Utilize Your Inventory The Art of Event Planning for Spas Five-Star Global Spa Trends–Delivering Exceptional Service Ramp Up New Hires Fast and Keep Them Forever If a task or new job Never forget a frightens you, consider customer, and never let it a challenge—go for a customer forget you. it or go outside of your comfort zone. That’s when you truly grow. Twitter TripCase We all make mistakes, it is how we handle the hard times that define us. Hootsuite All Marketers Are Liars Retail Superstars Delivering Happiness BY SETH GODIN BY TONY HSIEH BY GEORGE WHALIN Start from the bottom and work your way up. Don’t take a position without the respect of your peers. Who chiseled that over the door? Meaning, who carved that in stone? Anything is possible...find a way to turn impossible into “I’m Possible.” Expensify Lessons in Service from Charlie Trotter TED Hire Right, Higher Profits BY LEE B. SALZ BY EDMUND LAWLER How easy it is to cultivate deeper relationships with people and why trust matters so much. How to make money selling products in your spa. How to increase profits and guests’ loyalty through events. Speaking to the spa world, about the spa world, from the guests’ perspective. Onboarding done well feels to new hires like a great spa treatment feels to guests. September 2015 ■ PULSE 63