Pulse September 2020 | Page 51

Top tips to setting up a retail store: l Work with your resource partners to clarify online retail restrictions and complete any new sales agreements, if needed. l Find great images of products from resource partners or invest in an inexpensive light box to take quality shots from an iPhone. Name all of your photos so they can be discovered by search engines. l People love gift sets! If you don’t have time to list every retail item individually, start with care packages and add more retail as time permits. l Branch out and offer items that you might not normally retail in-store. l Host live shopping events on Facebook and Instagram, create invitations to generate buzz, and use these events to highlight items in your online store and answer questions. l Deliver an experience: Include a handwritten note, treats and samples with every package. Use brand colors to wrap items in tissue paper. Make your package presentation Instagram-worthy and ask people to tag your business and show off their items! l Create a separate social media presence for your retail store to target a wider national audience and cross post from your retail accounts to your spa account. CASSIE SAMPSON, BA, LMT, opened East Village Spa in Des Moines, Iowa, in 2008. Despite signing the lease the day before the stock market crashed in 2008, Sampson has grown her business into a successful day spa employing over 20 licensed massage therapists, estheticians, nail technicians and support staff. Cassie is most proud of the warm and welcoming team she’s been fortunate to grow and work alongside for more than a decade. SEPTEMBER 2020 ■ PULSE 39