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Are you a drama queen magnet — or a talent magnet ?


How to Become a Talent Magnet


Are you a drama queen magnet — or a talent magnet ?

Do any of the following sound familiar to you right now ? l You are having challenges hiring the right staff l You keep hiring drama queens l You constantly have to babysit and chase some of your staff l Staff members seldom meet your expectations If you answered yes to any of the above , you are in the right place . By the end of this article you will learn seven steps for hiring talent and — importantly — why work ethic assessment should be part of your recruitment process .
A few commitments are essential before you continue reading . These mindset adjustments are important to get you to a place where you are a Talent Magnet . l Hire slow and steady … fire fast l Follow the checklist l Let go of desperation l Follow the checklist l Stop allowing yourself to believe there are no good staff out there l Follow the checklist Yes ,“ follow the checklist ” appears three times : The single reason we employ the wrong staff is we have not followed a process . Why ? Because we are desperate . The commitments are simple , yet it is easy to find yourself going off course — and that ’ s where you need to stay focused .
Let ’ s dive right into the seven ideas that will change the hiring process for you