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Decide where you are going to look for staff and then go hunt . If you search in only one place , you narrow your odds . Broaden the search and look everywhere : Facebook groups specific to our industry , LinkedIn , Instagram , reputable recruiters ( make sure to use two or three to broaden the search ), and don ’ t forget highly-regarded beauty schools , as they often have an online recruitment portal . Takeaway point : You need to search diligently and not just pray the right person will miraculously find you .

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It is crucial to know exactly what you are looking for in a candidate : their qualifications ; how many years ’ experience is required administering a particular treatment procedure or using a specific software ; the maximum distance they can live from their workplace to be appropriately accessible . The more detail in the brief , the easier it will be to attract the right people to apply for the open position . It is common to hear about a salon manager receiving hundreds of applications that do not meet even the minimum qualifications for the role they are looking to fill . Or you may find the perfect candidate , only to discover they live many hours away from your spa . Ensure your brief gives the type of detail you want to see in a candidate ’ s CV or resume , which will help them to understand your requirements and will ensure you can quickly eliminate applicants who fail to meet your standards .
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Spa leaders have two ways to handle the CV or resume portion of a job application . One is to receive the document however the candidate chose to prepare it — which may result in questions when necessary information is not listed . The other way is to specify the information required on all resumes . The latter policy will aid your decision making and save time by eliminating unqualified candidates and spotlighting applicants who will fit well into your spa ’ s culture . A few data points to require in an application may include the job seeker ’ s current residence ( to determine distance from your business ); their access to transportation ; professional and personal references with phone numbers to call ; client testimonials ; and “ before and after ” pictures of their work , if appropriate to the position being hired . Reviewing a standardized application also gives you the opportunity to follow up on questions before extending an interview invitation . For example , check that their work experience includes the skill you are looking for — you might be looking for an experienced front desk coordinator and find the applicant ’ s background is as a corporate personal assistant , which develops a different skill set to handling a spa front desk .
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Preparation is everything ! Make sure you have taken l
l the following steps before you even meet your candidate : Request a personality profile . ( DISC and Myers-Briggs are popular options , but you have many choices available depending on the type of profile you would like to see .) If you place value on personality profiles as a measure of aptitude , it is smart to have the candidate complete the profile before you meet them . Send a work ethic questionnaire . Establishing your candidate ’ s work ethic early is important , as an otherwise perfectly qualified and skilled person may exhibit

“ It is crucial to know exactly what you are looking for in a candidate . The more detail in the brief , the easier it will be to attract the right people to apply for the open position .”