Pulse March / April 2016 | Page 61

BEAUTY FINDS for the Modern Woman The modern woman has become more discriminating when it comes to beauty and skin care. More savvy than their grandmothers when it comes to understanding ingredients, seeing the truth past false advertising and demanding to see visible results, today’s female guests know exactly what they want. In this Special Pulse Advertising Supplement, skin-care brands talk about their “female favorite” products and which new demands from the female market are on the rise. Farm-to-Bottle Bath and Body What benefits does this product offer to female spa-goers? A Wholesome Glow Our products are 100 percent handcrafted, made on our family AWHOLESOMEGLOW.COM • 1.315.294.0808 farm. We use the highest quality ingredients to create the ultimate and authentic farm-to-bottle experience for naturally inspired luxury. Our products evoke a true sense of relaxation, nature, nourishment and well-being. They provide a unique, pampering retreat and indulgent reprieve and do double-duty to soothe and use easily, every day. We believe in keeping comfort simple so our products are multi-functional, beautiful and perfect for the whole family. What are some of the new demands seen from the female market? Women are leaders in so many ways. Women have become stronger, more independent, self-aware and compassionate about how they live their lives and interact with the world. There is a fresh appreciation for freedom, substance and having new experiences tied to what we love. In many ways, women are beginning to simplify the demands on themselves and honor the ease of making happier and beautiful new choices. This is empowering and we at A Wholesome Glow love it! SPECIAL PULSE ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT