Pulse May 2017 | Page 37

Create the Right Environment Your employees dedicate several hours a day to you and your business. It is important to return the favor by making the place they work an enjoyable one. This isn’t to say it must be all fun and games all day, but an enjoyable work environment will do wonders for your employees, and in turn, your customers. “Guests can choose to go to any spa they want, but it is the people in your spa that make the experience special, unique, and keeps guests coming back,” notes Henry Gudelsky, director of training and development at WTS International. How do you keep your people happy? Keep the line of communication between management and staff open. Your staff should feel comfortable talking to their direct managers and even upper- management about anything that may be troubling them at work. “Take time to build relationships with your team members,” suggest Kendra Rice, spa and health club director at Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago. “It is important for colleagues to know you have an open-door policy and that you care about what they are thinking and feeling. Unfortunately, many times, great team members leave over things we could have worked through if only they had felt comfortable to come and talk to management and address concerns.” Provide Regular Feedback Along with constant communication comes regular constructive feedback. “By welcoming feedback, solving problems with the mindset of opportunity and deploying a plan to ensure that history does not repeat itself, you’ve established the culture of your spa,” explains Niki Katsadas, owner and founder of Luxe Spa Certified, LLC., a company that specializes in spa certification and training. “You’ve sent the message that problems not only have solutions, but [that there is] profes- sional growth for everyone and, as a result, the business grows.” You’d be surprised at how well scheduled reviews to provide feedback for and from both the employee and the manager work to make everyone happier on the job. Monthly, six-month, or yearly reviews help keep management aware of any issues an employee might have and allow you to work through it together before they decide to leave the company. These reviews can also be an opportunity to formally thank your employees for their hard work. It’s also important to recognize employees for a job well done on a regular basis. A simple “thank you” for stepping in for someone at the last- minute, recognizing a staff member for “In a culture where individuals are valued, heard, and cared for, turnover will naturally be lower.” — ANGELA CORTRIGHT Angela Cortright prioritizes employee bonding and togetherness to keep a positive culture at Spa Gregorie's. May 2017 ■ PULSE 35