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Share your knowledge The more your staff members know , the better they ’ ll be at their jobs . If you share your industry knowledge and open the gates to a learning environment at work , you ’ ll allow your employees to feel confident enough to do the job themselves .
“ The most effective way to avoid micromanaging and feel confident to delegate begins with a commitment to share your knowledge with an energetic and creative staff ,” notes Katherine Tomasso , national director of education for YON-KA Paris . “ When I first started this sort of approach , it was very demanding of my time and energy . But when it ’ s done well and with the right staff of professionals , it pays off .”
Just a little hard work can provide you with an independent and creative staff who will go above and beyond your highest expectations . Tomasso continues : “ As a manager , you benefit knowing your staff will execute the company vision and act accordingly . The staff benefits because they see that they are constantly growing and challenging themselves . Ultimately , boredom and micromanagement are avoided , and job satisfaction will increase .”
Be specific about what you need When delegating , you need to make sure your staff knows exactly what you want , or they ’ ll be confused and you ’ ll be unsatisfied with the outcome .
“ If you do not delegate , you will fail ,” states Christina Critchell , director of operations for The Woodhouse Day Spas in Denver and Littleton , Colorado . “ Do not be vague when delegating ; be specific about what you need , provide a concrete deadline and hold your team accountable . When they make mistakes , take the time to help them understand their error so they can learn and grow from their mistakes .”
Giving them clear instructions will allow them to inch their way onto the high dive and jump when they are ready , as opposed to you pushing them off into a terrifying fall , which will no doubt result in a belly flop .

“ Trusting your employees comes with trusting your selection process and your judgment .”

managing , it ’ s only natural . “ Trusting your employees comes from trusting your selection process and your judgment ,” says Pearson . “ It comes from helping staff be responsibilitytakers who are focused on results . If they are working out of fear of reprimand and negative criticism , trust will be absent on both sides .”
Remember , you ’ re the one who hired these people . You must trust your initial instincts and allow them to do the job you hired them to do . When you trust your employees , they ’ ll trust you in return , creating an environment that feeds creativity , innovation and success .
Admit your mistakes Never blame your mistake on an employee . It will lead to resentment and mistrust . Instead , admit your mistakes in front of your employees . This will show
Trust your employees Delegation is all about trust . If you don ’ t trust the people who work for you , you ’ re bound to revert back to microthem you have some humility , and they ’ ll begin to trust you .
Says Critchell , “ Never ask of your employees something that you yourself would not do . Always lead by example and follow through . Do what you say you ’ re going to do ; be accountable and never be afraid to admit when you have made a mistake — own it , learn from it and move on .”
Start small If loosening the reins is proving difficult , start a bit smaller . McWhorter suggests initially giving your staff projects that don ’ t have an effect on the bottom line . Once your staff completes the tasks , you ’ ll have more confidence to give them bigger projects and more responsibilities .
“ The worst that could happen is that something will have to be redone or reassigned ,” notes McWhorter . “ But this will allow you to study your team ’ s strengths so you can learn to delegate effectively and have less chance of it not working out next time .”
Get your team ’ s feedback As you learn to trust your employees , ask them how you ’ re doing . They ’ ll appreciate that you ’ re giving them a voice and that you care what they think . When you give your staff a chance to give their input , they ’ ll feel valued , which will make them even more capable of doing the job . n
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