Pulse May 2017 | Page 49

4 Rules on Avoiding Micromanaging Through Technology Sea Island’s Director of Spa, Fitness and Racquet Sports Ella Stimpson shares the rules she adheres to when using email and phones, both at and away from the office. “I have found that it is easy to spend most your time as a leader managing people through emails—instead of leading them through trust. Because we have a leaner leadership team this year and more on our plate, we just renewed our commitment to sending as few emails as necessary and empower those who work with us to do the same,” Stimpson says. 1. No email on days-off. “I do not expect anyone to answer an email on their day-off or outside of work hours. I also do my best not to reply to any emails on my own days-off.” 2. Limit notifications. “I turn off my cell notifications and sounds for emails and all other reminders, except text and phone calls. This, along with keeping my phone face down or even leaving it on my desk for meetings, helps me focus on getting the work I need to do done.” 3. Trust in your employees. “I like being copied on important emails; otherwise, I don’t need to be copied in the day-to-day details. I trust that my employees are getting what they need done without my constant oversight.” 4. Don’t work around your people. “When I direct a question to one of my managers’ subordinates, I make sure to copy them so they don’t think I’m trying to run around them. If there is follow-up to do in general that doesn’t involve me, I expect them to drive whatever I requested or what I pointed out. If it’s something that needs a direct reply to me, I will try and make sure they are copied as an FYI.” F E AT U R E D S O U R C E S CRISTINA CRITCHELL KATHERINE TOMASSO JUDITH CULP PEARSON LUANE MCWHORTER ELLA STIMPSON Director of Operations The Woodhouse Day Spa Director of Spa, Fitness and Racquet Sports Sea Island DALLAS, TEXAS SEA ISLAND, GEORGIA COLORADO ROCKAWAY, NEW JERSEY Content Marketing Specialist for Wellness Industry Judith Culp Creative Copy Owner Grand Spa DENVER AND LITTLETON, National Director of Education YON-KA Paris EUGENE, OREGON May 2017 ■ PULSE 47