Pulse May / June 2023 | Page 59

REMEMBER , you need reliable suppliers as much as they need you . Before rushing to the next brand or product , make sure you ’ ve handled your current relationships in the best way possible . Here are 10 tips for maintaining healthy and prosperous resource partner accounts :


Respect Your Partner ’ s Time :
It ’ s essential to respect your resource partner ’ s time by arriving punctually for meetings , being prepared , and not canceling at the last minute . Short of an emergency , you have no excuse for being late or not showing up . Remember , your resource partner representative or trainer has other clients and schedules to keep , just like you .


Communicate Openly and
Honestly : Being upfront and transparent is key to maintaining a healthy relationship . Keep in touch regularly and nurture the partnership with kindness and understanding .
Communication should be two-way , with both parties being honest and open about their needs and expectations .


Choose a Partner That Aligns with Your Values : Choosing a resource partner that aligns with your values , ethics , reputation and market alignment is crucial . If you have a return policy or a focus on staff wellness and personal development , make sure your partner matches those values . This alignment ensures both parties will benefit from the relationship .


Provide Honest , Calm and
Quick Feedback : Mistakes happen , but it ’ s crucial to deal with them quickly and calmly . Give honest feedback and allow your resource partner to be part of the solution , but don ’ t demand that they solve your problem . Remember , it ’ s your business , not theirs , and you ’ re working together to find a solution .


Be a Fantastic Customer :
Be the type of customer your partners want to spend time with . Pay your bills on time . Fulfill your commitments . Show appreciation for their hard work with thoughtful gestures like a small gift or a note of gratitude . Being a fantastic customer will make you stand out and be remembered by your partners .


Be Loyal : Stop chasing the best deal or changing brands because of personal relationships or small differences . Loyalty is a two-way street , and your resource partners appreciate your commitment to their brand . It ’ s essential to build long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual respect .


Have a Resource Partner Relationship Agreement : Having a resource partner relationship agreement can help set expectations and promises for both parties . This agreement ensures both parties have