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Gen Z definitely holds the greatest interest around this topic . SOURCE : July-August 2021 . Talkwalker Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform .
cites TikTok ’ s highly personalized content recommendation system as a premier tool for brands to wield as they seek to gain exposure and connect with an engaged audience . In 2023 , the app is looking to introduce an e-commerce aspect and monetization model , making TikTok literacy a valuable commodity for consumer-facing brands .
Data from Talkwalker ’ s August 2016 — July 2021 Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform showed that conversations around TikTok online have been growing since the end of 2017 and really began to pick up serious traction during the first half of 2020 — naturally coinciding with the mass global migration of consumers to their bedrooms and living rooms during the height of pandemic-related isolation and lockdown policies . Talkwalker ’ s report noted that these conversations peaked in July 2021 , showing a 61 percent increase in mentions year-over-year during the first half of 2021 . This “ TikTalk ” ( pardon the pun ) converted into new users , making it the first non-Facebook app to reach three billion global downloads , according to HubSpot .
Spa owners and operators , as well as direct-toconsumer resource partners , need to ask themselves , “ Do our customers use TikTok ?” And if the answer is yes ,
“ How can we present our offerings or highlight our partners in a way that will make them share our TikTok with friends or bring it up in a conversation ?” HubSpot ’ s data shows that “ TikTalk ” is a real thing — in other words , the TikToks that gain the most traction with users are the TikToks that stir up the most conversations on and off the platform . Using TikTok as a means to enter your customers ’ conversations is the secret code to capitalizing on this platform . How can your spa or product company present itself on TikTok in a way that will make people talk ? Those conversations will convert into customers , and exponential growth in online engagement awaits any brand that markets in a way that incites conversations .
Another integration of TikTok and the spa industry that is particularly encouraging for those on the job market is the growing prevalence of conversations around # TikTokResumes . This began in July 2022 , when TikTok announced this new feature that allows users to post their resumes and apply to jobs directly through the platform . HubSpot says that with over 3,400 online conversations and over 300 million views on TikTok , the # TikTokResumes hashtag has been gaining traction among younger generations who want to express their creativity when applying to jobs . This may be worth a look