Pulse November / December 2022 | Page 52


for locations with creative marketing leads actively engaged in finding new ways to attract young talent .
THE GROWING INFLUENCE OF INFLUENCERS The incredible growth of TikTok and unscripted content and the rise of everyday influencers have all witnessed huge breakthroughs in a short amount of time . The Influencer Marketing Hub ’ s 2021 survey reported 67 percent of respondents are using Instagram for influencer marketing , making an already impressive shopping presence on the platform even more robust . According to Instagram , 70 percent of shopping enthusiasts turn to the platform to discover products , illuminating the maturation of influencer marketing as a dominant marketing methodology . Furthermore , the Digital Marketing Institute released data that showed 86 percent of women use social media for purchasing advice — an important statistic for any brand that has women as its primary target audience .
Traditionally , ISPA members have been hesitant to invest in influencer marketing due to the lack of responsibility and regulation around the practice . Before the pandemic , the November 2019 ISPA Snapshot Survey noted that nearly half ( 47 percent ) of all spas did not have any paid influencers promoting their company , and they did not plan to in the future . Likewise , over half ( 53 percent ) of resource partners did not have plans to begin tapping into influencer marketing at that time . Now , industry leaders may be well advised to reexamine their stance on this prevalent aspect of social media marketing .
As the impact of social media continues to grow , so too does the weight and influence of influencers . According to HubSpot , new rules have resulted in increased influencer regulation , while many influencers have thrived with drastic audience and engagement growth over the past three years . Brands have found tremendous value in collaborating with content creators and developing relationships with both the influencers and the audience , many of whom are on Instagram looking to engage with brands .
This unique form of marketing — aptly dubbed “ infotainment ” by HubSpot — led many pandemic-bound consumers toward influencer communities when live entertainment was off limits . Though it may have sounded unrealistic before the pandemic , the Digital Marketing Institute has shown that 49 percent of consumers now depend on influencer recommendations when making purchasing decisions . This proves that if consumers feel confident about an influencer ’ s recommendation , they are much more likely to make a purchase or try out a new experience . In this way , spas can piggyback on the trust of influencers .
When selecting the right influencer for your brand , professionals should not feel pressure to land a partnership with a giant content creator or celebrity . HubSpot demonstrates how different influencers can help you achieve different goals , and while a big name might have a larger