Pulse October 2023 | Page 72


INSIGHTS FOR SPAS Create a Team of “ Sell-ebrities ”

A BIG “ WIN ” FOR SPA DIRECTORS : Leading a spa team whose members understand how retail sales contribute both to the customer experience and to the spa ’ s financial success . While product sales may not be the primary responsibility for many employees , everyone who interacts with spa guests should have at least some sales proficiency .
Product sales training is not a one-time task . Spa employees become comfortable helping to promote retail sales once they have developed product knowledge and merchandising acumen . Beyond establishing mere competence , however , they become enthusiastic sellers when offered ongoing learning opportunities . Here are several tips to make every team member a “ sell-ebrity ” in your spa : ➤ MAKE IT PERSONAL : When a salesperson can offer testimony to the effectiveness of a product , their influence increases . So , encourage your team members to use the products your spa carries .“ It is so important to get our team trained and loving all the retail we bring in ,” Zi Spa & Salon ’ s Tammy Schneider related . When they personally see the value and efficacy of the products on our shelves , it is “ easy for them to be excited and talk about the beautiful brands we sell .” ➤ POP A QUIZ ON THEM : Frequently ask team members about the brands , ingredients and benefits of products offered in your spa ’ s retail area . Make sure they know whether the product is the same as used in treatments along with the price , any available promotions , the quantity in stock and where in the store the product is available . ➤ ROLE PLAY : Have each team member approach and talk with you or with another colleague who are pretending to be a spa guest , with the goal to insert a product recommendation when appropriate within the conversation . If you are feeling especially brave , turn the tables : Ask them to roleplay the customer while you promote retail offerings .