Pulse September 2015 | Page 31

VERENA LASVIGNE-FOX Spa Director • Four Seasons Hotel Marrakech – Le Spa Marrakech, Morocco “With a very competitive local market, we introduced local pricing to be attractive to locals and draw them to our spa.” Portrait of a Local Guest The guest ratio between local and distant visitors can vary greatly among spas and is subject to many factors, including size, location and spa type. For example, a resort spa such as Le Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Marrakech in Morocco relies heavily on the tourist trade. Currently, local guests only make up approximately five percent of its business—not unusual at a resort spa located in an area where tourism is an important part of the local economy. Le Spa’s spa director, Verena Lasvigne-Fox, hopes to bridge the gap to 30 and 70 percent by 2016 by offering services tailored to local taste. “We are working on offering yoga retreats for locals with a one-night stay at the hotel,” Lasvigne-Fox says. “Little breaks like these seem very much in trend. It will give local guests an opportunity on a regular weekend to enjoy a 48-hour vacation and feel rejuvenated.” Other spas, such as Spa Mio, see a much higher percentage of guests from the surrounding area and as such, tailor their menus accordingly. “Local guests love to do their research before trying new services and products,” Wind says. “They are hungry for active ingredients and long-term results.” Jennica Klemann, owner of Spa Daze in Tucson, Arizona, notes that her local guests are looking for hand-crafted and sustainable ingredients and products. “I’ve noticed that trends in my community are leaning toward sustainability and supporting local businesses,” she says. “In response to this, I prefer to shop local for my own business needs and try to use products that are socially conscious.” Her local guests have also become more JENNICA KLEMANN Owner • Spa Daze Tucson, Arizona “I’ve noticed that trends in my community are leaning toward sustainability and supporting local businesses.” September 2015 ■ PULSE 29