Pulse September 2015 | Page 8

“The rise of technology has given birth to a new and innovative way of doing business called ‘sharing economy’.” H ave you ever tried teaching the concept of sharing to a four-year-old? I have—and it’s a task more grueling than juggling deadlines. As a young mother, it can push your patience to the edge and, in the event of a tug-ofwar, tests your will power. “But mommy, why do I have to share every day—and every day?” often asks my daughter, Ariana, when reminded to share her favorite stuffed pony, which she named Apple Pie Fluttershy. For some, sharing is a difficult concept even as an adult. While many have welcomed the rise of a new way of doing business such as sharing personal items like cars through Uber or homes through Airbnb, others are still reluctant to jump on the bandwagon. But according to this issue’s Conversations featured expert (page 26) and author of The Mesh, Lisa Gansky, sharing is the future of business. The rise of technology has given birth to a new and innovative way of doing business called “sharing economy.” The idea of waste is another factor that has driven this concept, as more and more people demand that businesses find creative uses to otherwise wasted assets like space, products and equipment. This strategic thinking in terms of maximizing assets is one way to outthink the competition (read Ask the Expert, page 56). There’s a big opportunity for spas to be part of this global movement of sharing, especially since spa guests are becoming more digital-savvy and sustainability is a top concern among many. One way to win the support of your local community (read Attracting and Retaining Local Guests, page 28), for instance, is by sharing your guests’ core values, including taking care of the environment through less waste. Looking back, I realized the depth of my daughter’s seemingly simple question. We share because we are a social being born and designed to connect. But ultimately, we share because we empathize—we care about others, our possessions and our own well-being. How about you? Why do you have to share every day—and every day? —MAE MAÑACAP-JOHNSON, EDITOR @ISPAPULSEEDITOR Inside the Pulse Vault... P ISPA I S ulse has always been ahead in providing you with business trends and indicators that reflect the changing times and consumer preferences. While this “Retail” issue puts the trend of “sharing economy” front and center, not too long ago, the buzz swirled around online discounting. Go to experienceispa.com and revisit the August 2012 issue of Pulse to read “Understanding the Pros and Cons of Discounting” (page 26) and look back at how the spa world viewed the discounting trend. 6 PULSE ■ September 2015 MARION PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! @ISpaDoYou LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! International SPA Association